The VAHOMA Podcast was started in February 2015 as a way for the four of us to get together once a month and talk games.  We've always felt that we had great conversations while playing games, so we figured we would record it and see where it goes from here.  VAHOMA comes from the Halo clan formed in 2005 when members from Virginia (VA) and Oklahoma (HOMA) decided to combine their groups. 

YouTube Channel

Twitch Channel

Members of the Podcast:

Tim Abbott

Gamertag: Annihil8rMethod

PSN: VAH_Annihil8r

Twitch: Annihil8rMethod

Andrew Smith

Gamertag: Metalblade 85

Twitch: Metalblade85

Twitter: @Metalblade85

Chris Mason

Gamertag: HankNova316

Twitter: @HankNova316

Brett "Bert" Phillips

Gamertag: BertChieftain24

Twitter: @MudDobber24

Code Name "M"

This person helps in the background with filming, taking pictures, etc.  This person wishes to remain anonymous.