Her Story

“Her Story” is an easy game in idea.  It’s fragments of 7 different police interrogation videos set in 1994.  You find out through a text document on the desktop that the video fragments were damaged in a flood so that is why the videos are in pieces.  You are playing a character that is sitting down in front of this computer and the word “murder” is in the search box of this program. From there you watch the fragmented videos looking for clues.  When you find another clue to try, you unlock more videos that leads you down a different path to finding out the truth of the murder that happened.

                This game is short but will draw you in.  It took me probably about an hour and half to get the idea of the story but there were still more videos I could technically unlock.  This is not something that you can play in passing.  You need to dedicate the time and effort to playing it.  It is also a game that you can probably play with friends or family as you try new search terms to find out the answers. 

                This game is available on PC and iOS and I completely recommend it.  It’s an experience worth having.