The Order 1886

”The Order 1886” came out in February 2015 to mixed reviews.  The main complaint was that the game was way too short to justify a $60 price point.  Best Buy had recently clearanced the game out down to $19.99 and with the gamer club membership and a $5 coupon I was able to get the game for $11.  So therefore I figured, why not give it a shot and actually play something on my PS4.

                First the positives.  The first thing that I noticed about this game is that visually it is stunning.  The attention to detail on the smallest of items is really impressive. I appreciate that the character models are well done and that the game will flow from a cut scene straight into the game play. The gameplay as far as character control and aiming of the weapons is really smooth.  I didn’t have too many issues controlling the character.  The aiming and firing of the guns works well.  The different type of weapons throughout the game are creative to fit the steampunk 1886 London they were going for.  I really enjoyed the story of the werewolves and the hunting them down.  They definitely left the game open for a sequel.

                Now the negatives for this game.  First - I will say is that it is short.  I appreciate the shortness at times but it is probably six or seven hours max and there is not really any replay value to the game such as multiplayer.  Second - this game’s pace and gameplay is all over the place.  There are 16 chapters to the game by you have no idea how long they are going to be.  You may play for an hour and then the next two chapters will be cut scenes that last 15 minutes.  The gun play is fun but there is very little of it.  Then late in the game there is a random stealth part that you had not done in the past.  It’s one of those stealth missions where once they see you, you are dead and have to restart.  It can get very frustrating. Third – speaking of the guns, they are cool but not used nearly enough.  There is a weapon that shoots thermite and then you ignite it with a flare to set the enemies on fire.  It was a cool weapon that I got to use for all of 5 minutes it felt like. 

                In conclusion, most of the reviews you read for this game are right.  It has a great story, visually stunning, but lacks in the gameplay department.  I would not recommend this at full price, but if you have a friend that can let you borrow it, rent it through gamefly, or get it really cheap, then give it a chance.  There is a cool game here but it might have to wait for the sequel.