Until Dawn

As I completed "Until Dawn" I was left with an overall feeling of content.  Basically this game is a chose your own adventure teen horror movie.  The story was fun and compelling.  You can see where your choices make a difference aka the butterfly effect.  I was streaming it and had a friend watching and had her make decisions on where the story would go.  Even though it's a single player game, it can be fun to play with friends as you decide on the choices you make.  My only complaint for the game was that the walking controls were clunky.  It does the Resident Evil fixed camera and just makes controlling your character difficult at times.  Visually it is stunning. The actors look real and the acting is superb.  I don't know if I will play it again as I feel like my ending is the one that I received and I'm fine with that.  I can see playing it again if another friend wants to experience it.  Overall this is a really good game that is fun to play and is definitely worth checking out.  It might not be worth the full $60 price point, but if/when it goes on sale, it's worth experiencing.